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Team Concept

On each project, we implement our three-legged stool teaming concept: consisting of the owner, architect and contractor. We value participation in the process. We like to look at things that are within the best interest of the team, not just US. The whole team.

Creative Solutions

Every construction project is unique and may change throughout the design & construction process. Your choices can be challenging; each with its advantages and implications. We help our clients make well-informed decisions regarding what’s right for each project.​

Wespac Way

Creating an experience for our clients based on communication, collaboration & trust.



We are committed to our local community and are cognizant of our ability to help increase sustainability around us. We incorporate our sustainable thought process into each and every one of our projects.

We divert more than 50% from landfills on all of our jobs. M3F diverts 90%


At Wespac, we believe Safety Takes Everyone’s Participation (S.T.E.P.). Our industry-leading S.T.E.P. Program facilitates and supports a company-wide effort to promote construction industry safety performance through safety training and accountability programs.

We have maintained an average EMOD rate of .72 over the last 10 years.


"Everyone gets to come home at the end of the day. 
Just a little more tired.”
  - Ted Sanchez, 

Community. Culture. Charity.

Aside from our passion for building, giving back to the community is something that Wespac has always been passionate about. From attending local community events, to hosting Arizona’s only 100% non-profit music festival, our team always has charity in mind. We continually strive to make a difference and involve as many people from the community to come together for the betterment of the most important place in the world - where we live.

women in construction

Approach to Diversity

Commitment to Community
Our 31+-year commitment to our community would not be possible if we were not intentionally inclusive of people from different cultures and backgrounds. We focus on the unique and different within our projects, and the same is said when focusing on the people we hire.


We strive to hear every voice, to provide ample opportunities through recruitment and engagement, and to cultivate a culture that promotes a sense of community, equity, and mutual respect within the workplace. 

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