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  • A communication-driven team environment.
  • A collaborative approach between all stakeholders & team members.


  • One of the most important tools used in every stage of the construction process.
  • An accurate estimate is the key to maintaining project performance and long-term cost control.

Value Engineering

  • Our project team will determine the relative importance of each project design feature, material selection and system performance.
  • We will develop a list of items to evaluate for generous project cost savings

Sub Selection

  • 27-year, longstanding relationships with the most prestigious subcontractors.
  • This pool of subcontractor relationships provides the highest quality work that Wespac is known for.

Project Controls

  • A proven project management system that has been refined over 27 years.
  • Ensures successful execution of any project – regardless of size, type, complexity or location.


  • We take pride in our work and take quality control very seriously.
  • Communication of expectations and daily monitoring is started during the preconstruction phase and carried through even after the completion of the project.


  • A master project schedule is created based on a Critical Path Method (CPM).
  • This is a communication tool between all key stakeholders in the project, including the subcontractors.
  • Clearly defines project milestone dates and schedule completion dates of trades.

Field Operations

  • We will offer the best possible team for each unique project.
  • This team can be trusted and looked to for guidance and management.
  • We continuously train our field personnel, ensuring they are equipped with the most technical skill and knowledge available to the industry.

Systematic Building