DC Ranch Country Club Renovation

Nov 06, 2014

DC Ranch Country Club is nearing completion on the renovation of their clubhouse. The remodel began in May 2014 after the $2.7 million of improvements was approved by the Board of Directors. Now, only a day out of the official unveiling, the space has seen drastic changes of the interior and patio.

Expanding the southern patio and relocating the bar are both improvements on the bill.  The nearly 4,000 square foot expansion includes adding some much-needed space and additional seating to the southeast dining room and bar area. A private room for the bar now features vast open space for patrons to socialize and also allows guests easy access the patio doors. A wine room and open dining area replace the original bar, and the public space to the west of the bar opens into a much more spacious ‘Horse Bar.’ Patrons can surround the bar and the dining spaces to the east with overflow spilling out to the expanded patio.

Southwestern finishes were a popular choice since the initial talks of renovation. In fact, a tile mural portraying fireside horses was added to the scope nearly half way through progress. According to the clubhouse designer Beth McGehee, the western/cowboy tastes are a part of the lands history far earlier than the development.

“The land was previously ranch land with sheep ranchers, cowboys, and farmers. That is something the Board wanted to infuse and highlight in the new design. The previous look had a bit of the western-cowboy flair, but it was very dull and tired. This new look is fresh, subtle, and very much western,” McGehee commented.

DC Ranch Country Club will host an Open House on Friday, November 7, 2014 to unveil their new look.

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