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At Wespac, we have a companywide strategic goal to be the general contractor of choice within the subcontractor community. We understand that our long-term success is a direct result of subcontractor/vendor efforts and collaboration. Financial Statements are required in the pre-qualification and Re-qualification process. This is to assure all subcontractors are financially qualified and work together to complete a project.  A third party financial statement is preferred but if a subcontractor does not have third party financials, In-house statements are accepted. If you do not provide financial statements for our review your combined projects with Wespac cannot exceed $50,000 at any time.

We do require all of our subcontractors to requalify on an annual basis. All information is used for internal purposes only and is kept confidential. You can set up a meeting with our qualification group if required. If you have any questions regarding the forms or the process, please feel free to contact us directly. 

Subcontractor Pre-lien Information