Systematic Building


Systematic Building

Our preconstruction and construction processes have been tested by projects, totaling over $1.2 billion in completed work. Our systems and processes are supported by our Systematic Building Approach™, our transparent and collaborative operational delivery method, which ensures optimal safety, quality, time efficiency and cost control on every project.


Our goal is to create a team environment in which everyone wins and this can only occur if we initiate communication from the beginning.  During preconstruction, Wespac values collaboration between all stakeholders and any input team members have to offer. A collaborative approach is recommended on all of our projects to ensure the most successful build.


The estimate is one of the most important tools used in every stage of the construction process. An accurate estimate, based on well-defined project criteria, is the key to maintaining project performance and long-term cost control.

Sub Selection

Over twenty years of building experience for some of the most reputable clients has provided many relationship-building opportunities with the most prestigious subcontractors. The pool of subcontractor relationships we have built over the past two decades provides the highest quality work that Wespac is known for.

Project Controls

A well-built project stems from proper planning and proactive management. Our Systematic Building Approach™ has incorporated several key systems that allow for successful execution of any project - regardless of size, type, complexity, or location.


During the preconstruction process a master project schedule is created based on a Critical Path Method (CPM). This is used as a communication tool between all key stakeholders in the project, including the subcontractors to clearly define project milestone dates and schedule completion dates of trades.

Field Operations

Each project is unique and different so we want to make sure that the best possible team for each project is offered. This team will be a group of individuals that can be trusted and looked to for guidance and management. We continuously train our field personnel ensuring that the project is built with the most technical skill and knowledge available to the industry.


We take pride in our work, so quality control is an aspect of building that Wespac takes very seriously. Communication of expectations and daily monitoring is started during the preconstruction phase and carried through even after the the completion of the project.


Wespac always creates a safe and clean environment for every project. Our written safety program, Safety Takes Everyone’s Participation (STEP), is managed by our general superintendent with the clear objective that, “everyone gets home safe to their families.” 

Scheduling, more than anything else, was of paramount importance to the client, and Wespac respected that.


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